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Marking machines are used to transfer your artwork onto the metal surface. Marking machines provide a current and a certain voltage in either AC or DC. The settings are dependent on your specific alloy.
The machines come complete with a marking head and a marking base.
Marking machines com in different degrees of automation from manual machines to automated setups.
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Mark M
Mark M
Our Price: $375.00
The Mark M is our basic manual machine. It has full shop floor rigidity and with a 10A transformer all the power you will need for surface and deep etches. It is very popular with knife makers and gun smiths.

The machine offers a choice of 12 and 24 Volt and AC or DC current. With these choices you will be able to mark all alloys in either surface etch (color contrast) or deep etch.

The Mark M comes with a marking base, cables and marking handle. the housing measures 10"x7"x3" It connects to a standard 110 Volt AC outlet. Other connectors and input voltages may be available upon request.

The machine is manufactured and shipped from our facility in New Bedford, MA